William & Mary

Spotlight: Madeleine Nestor '11 M.S.

Madeleine Nestor '11 M.S.

B.S. Chemistry Virginia Tech
M.S. Chemistry William & Mary


Supervisor:  Deborah C. Bebout

Title: Investigation of Hg(II) solution speciation by ESI-MS and VT1 H NMR

Why W&M for graduate work in Chemistry?

The great reputation of the school, the new lab facilities, and teh financial aid offered for pursuing an M.S. degree.

Best aspect of the M.S. program?

The faculty are amazing and the size of the school/program allows students to have more one on one time with the faculty and more access to research instruments.

Post-graduation Positions:

July 2011-January 2013 Analyst, Microbac Laboratories, Inc.
January 2013-May 2013 Project Manager, Microbac Laboratories, Inc.
May 2013-present Project Leader at Cirrus Pharmaceuticals