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Biology Pre-Med Path

Recommended Classes to fill Core Biology Major Requirements (22 credits)
Principles of Biology Requirement
  *BIOL 203/203L (Introduction to Molecules, Cells, Development/Lab) (4)
  *BIOL 204/204L (Introduction to Organisms, Ecology, Evolution/Lab) (4)
Integrative and Comparative Biology Requirement
  *BIOL 302 (Integrative Biology: Animals) (4) or *BIOL 306 (Microbiology) (4)
Molecular/Cellular Biology Requirement
  *BIOL 310 (Molecular Cell Biology) (3)
Population Processes Requirement
  *BIOL 312 (Evolution of Organisms) (3) or *BIOL 410 (Animal Behavior) (3)
Advanced Laboratory Experience
  *BIOL 400-level Lab (1) (choose lab based on electives taken)
Advanced Seminar Requirement:
  *BIOL 460 (Advanced Seminar in Biology) (3) (biomedical offerings vary from semester to semester)
Recommended Biomedical Biology Electives (select 15 credits of additional courses)
  *BIOL 302 (Integrative Biology: Animals) (4) or BIOL 306 (Microbiology) (4)
  *BIOL 314 (Biochemistry) (3)
  *BIOL 345 (Neurobiology) (3)
  *BIOL 420 (Genetic Analysis) (3)
  *BIOL 433 (Developmental Biology) (3)
  *BIOL 442 (Molecular Genetics) (3)
  *BIOL 437 (Immunology) (3)
  *BIOL 432 (Animal Physiology) (3)
  *BIOL 453 (Protein Structure & Function) (3)
  *BIOL 409 (Virology) (3)
Additional Recommended Course Options
 *Up to 3 credits from PATHS program: BIOL 404 courses ACE, BAM!, MEET, and REACH

 *Up to 3 credits of BIOL 403 (Research in Biology) or 6 credits of BIOL 495/496 (Honors in Biology)

Biology Major Math Requirement
  **MATH 131 (Calculus I for the Life Sciences) or MATH 111 (Calculus I)
  *BIOL 327 (Introduction to Biostatistics) (3)
Biology Major Chemistry Requirement
  **CHEM 103/CHEM 103L (General Chemistry I)
  **CHEM 206 /206L (Organic Chemistry I)
Additional Requirements of most Medical Schools
General Chemistry II: CHEM 208/254
Organic Chemistry II: CHEM 207/253
Biochemistry: *BIOL 314/cross-listed as CHEM 314
Introductory Physics: PHYS 107/107L and PHYS 108/108L
Introductory Sociology: SOCL 250 (Principles of Sociology) or SOCL 362 (Medical Sociology)
or SOCL 310 (Wealth, Power, and Inequality)
Introductory Social Psychology: PSYC 202
English Requirement: Two semesters/ six credits’ worth of English literature or composition
courses; all COLL 150 seminars count towards this requirement.
For more information see the Pre-Med Advising Program website:

* before text indicates class counts towards the 37 credits required for the Biology major
** before text indicates Biology major requirement, but doesn’t count towards the 37 credits