Developmental Biology

Ongoing research in developmental biology includes study of germ cell sex determination, the role of cell-molecular processes in tumor formation, the establishment of polarity in leaves, and invertebrate nervous system development.

Faculty Research Interests in Developmental Biology

Faculty member 

Research Interest

Jonathan Allen
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Marine invertebrate biology; life history evolution; larval ecology and the role of maternal effects in development

Eric L. Bradley
Ph.D., Univ. of California Santa Barbara

Biomedical Imaging; in vivo monitoring of cell-molecular processes in mammary tumor development. Mechanisms of reproductive inhibition; role of the endocrine system in maintaining reversible infertility.

Margaret Saha
Ph.D., University of Virginia

Developmental neurobiology; molecular genetics of cell determination and patterning in the developing vertebrate nervous system, particularly genes regulating brain and vascular development

Diane C. Shakes
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University

Cell and developmental biology; the interplay between cell cycle progression and cell differentiation during C. elegans gametogenesis

Matthew Wawersik
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Cell and developmental biology; molecular genetic analysis of germ cell sex determination and germline stem cell establishment

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