Behavioral Biology

Current faculty research interests in animal behavior and behavioral ecology focus on animals ranging from insects to birds, in laboratory studies and in natural habitats ranging from streams to golf courses. The research encompasses a variety of processes, such as responses to chemical gradients, adaptation to environmental stress, hormonal responses to infection, and sexual selection in bird populations.

Faculty Research Interests in Animal Behavior/Behavioral Ecology

Faculty member

Research Interest

Daniel A. Cristol
Ph.D., Indiana University

Animal behavior; behavioral ecology and neuroethology of bird migration and foraging; conservation biology.

Norman J. Fashing
Ph.D., University of Kansas

Behavior and ecology of insects and arachnids; systematics of astigmatid mites.

Paul Heideman
Ph.D., University of Michigan

Ecological and evolutionary physiology; variation of neuroendocrine pathways; environmental regulation of reproduction in mammals; seasonal rhythms.

Matthias Leu
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Washington
Endangered species monitoring and management; conservation biology

S. Laurie Sanderson
Ph.D., Harvard

Vertebrate functional morphology; fish ecology and feeding behavior; functional ecology of filter-feeding vertebrates.

John P. Swaddle
Ph.D., University of Bristol, U.K.

Behavioral ecology of birds; sexual selection; influence of developmental variation on evolutionary processes; functional morphology; body mass regulation.


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