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How to Declare an Art History Major concentration

Art History major concentrators choose between three different tracks: General Art History, Critical Curatorial Studies, and Built Environment Studies.

Step 1: What If? Degree Evaluation

If you plan to major Art History, first go to W&M's Degreeworks, and log in. On the left-hand menu, select "What If?" and run an evaluation on your intended major and concentration. This will tell you what requirements you have already fulfilled and what you still have left to do.

If you plan to double-major or minor, add that to your evaluation. Play with the requirements you have yet to fulfill and the other courses you want to take. Try and figure out how they will fit in your schedule over the next couple of years. Are your plans manageable based on the time you have left at W&M? Don't forget to add in time for study abroad or independent research.

Step 2: Forms

Complete Art History Major Worksheet [pdf] and the Declaration of Major form [pdf] as much as you can. Don't worry if you don't know what to put down for courses completed or in progress. Your advisor will help you fill that out.

Step 3: Find and meet with your major advisor.

You major advisor will help you navigate through choosing courses for your major. You may choose any full-time Art History professor to be your major advisor. Your major advisor could be a someone who taught one of your courses. Or maybe a friend recommended someone. Or, you've heard of a professor who is doing work that interests you. However you find them, contact them and ask if they will serve as your advisor. When the professor agrees, set up an appointment with them to review and complete your plans.

You should meet with your major advisor every semseter. If your plans change, and you want to swap out some courses, go back to your major advisor to discuss this and to make sure you're still fulfilling all the requirements.

Step 4: Sign and turn in your forms

Both you and your major advisor will sign the Declaration of Major form. You will then turn in the form to the Registrar's Office.

Now it's official! You're an Art History major! Enjoy!