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Applied Science Graduates 2005-2007


Christopher J. Tignanelli, B.A. (2005, Computational Neuroscience).
"The Effect of Residual Calcium on the Stochastic Gating of Calcium-regulated Calcium channels"

 Kathleen A. Powell, M.S. (2005, Atmospheric Science).
"Earth System Science Pathfinder 3 (ESSP3) Lidar Simulator"

Charles R. Cole, Ph.D. (2005, Surface Science).
Electron Stimulated Desorption of Hydronium Ions from Chromium Oxide Surfaces"

Wen Gao, Ph.D.(2005, Nondestructive Evaluation).
"Sonar Sensor Interpretation for Ectogenous Robots"

Baozhao Sun, Ph.D. (2005, Electronic Materials & Laser Spectroscopy).
Vibrationa Lifetimes of Hydrogen and Oxygen Defects in Semiconductors"

Haibin Zhao, Ph.D. (2005, Electronic Materials & Laser Spectroscopy).
" Nonlinear-Optical Studies of Spin-Injection Devices"

Zhengmao Zhu, Ph.D. (2005, Surface Science).
"Photochemical Modification of Polyethylene Terephthalate Surface"


Alexander Frey, M.S. (2006, Electronic Materials & Laser Spectroscopy).
"Time-Resolved Magneto-Optical Imaging of High Temperature Superconductor Thin Films in the High Frequency AC Current Regime"

Nimel D. Theodore, Ph.D. (2006, Surface Science).
"Silicon Oxynitride: A Field Emission Suppression Coating"

 Xin Zhao, Ph.D. (2006, Surface Science).
"Field Emission Study of Carbon Nanostructures"

Yumei Zhang, Ph.D. (2006, Polymer Science).
"UV Cure Kinetics of Dimethacrylate Thin and Thick Samples"

Mingyao Zhu, Ph.D. (2006, Surface Science -- Physics).
"Carbon Nanosheets and CNT by RF PECVD"


  Jeffrey R. Groff, Ph.D. (2007, Computational Cell Biology).
"Markov Chain Models of Calcium Puffs and Sparks"

John Hayes, Ph.D. (2007, Neuroscience).
"Phenotypic Properties and Intrinsic Currents of Neurons Involved in the Neural Generation of Mammalian Breathing"

Kun Hou, Ph.D. (2007, Surface Science).
"Synthesis and Field Emission Properties of Carbon Nanostructures"

Stephanie Hummert, M.S. (2007, Electronic Materials & Laser Spectroscopy).
"Magneto-Optical Imaging of Superconducting MgB2 Thin Films"

Ryland Pace, Ph.D. (2007, Neuroscience).
"Mechanisms Underlying Inspiratory Burst Generation in preBötzinger Complex Neurons of Neonatal Mice"

Andreas Peterson, M.S. (2007, Electronic Materials & Laser Spectroscopy).
"Magnetization Dynamics and Anisotropy in Ferromagnetic/Antiferromagnetic Ni/NiO Bilayer"

Kevin Rudd, Ph.D. (2007, Nondestructive Evaluation).
"Parallel 3D Acoustic and Elastic Wave Simulation Methods with Applications in Nondestructive Evaluation"

 Liang Wei, M.S. (2007, Applied Mathematics).
"An Introduction to Ambiguity and Instability: New Merits for Evaluating Classification Performance"

Ran Yang, M.S. (2007, Electronic Materials & Laser Spectroscopy ).
"Time-Resolved Magneto-Optical Imaging of Type II Superconductors" 

Shuyan Zhang, Ph.D. (2007, Electronic Materials & Laser Spectroscopy).
"Spatial Beam Shaping of High-Power Ultra-Short Laser Pulses"