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Applied Science Graduates 1997-2000


Sheeba Ahmed, Ph.D. (1997, Polymer Science).
"The Synthesis, Characterization, and Molecular Modeling of Cyclic Arylene Ether Oligomers"

Agus Ananda, Ph.D. (1997, Nondestructive Evaluation--Physics).
"Propagation of Rayleigh Waves in Thin Films"

 Larry Dickinson, Ph.D. (1997, Polymers and Composite Materials).
"Trans-Laminar-Reinforced (TLR) Composites"

Walt Silva, Ph.D. (1997, Applied Mathematics).
"Discrete-Time Linear and Nonlinear Aerodynamic Impulse Responses for Efficient CFD Analyses"

Robin Southward, Ph.D. (1997, Polymer Science).
"Synthesis of Reflective and Electrically Conductive Polymide Films via and in situ Self-Metallization Procedure using Silver(I) Complexes"

Yunfei Wang, Ph.D. (1997, Polymer Science)
"Correlation of Dynamic Dielectric Properties to Reaction Kinetics and Changing Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Resins During Cure"

Mike West, Ph.D. (1997, Nondestructive Evaluation--Physics)
Radiation-Induced Luminescence of Terbium-Doped Silicate Glasses

 Karen Wood, Ph.D. (1997, Polymer Science).
"The Thermal Cure of Phenylethnynl Terminated Polyimides and Selected Model Compounds"

Hongyang Yao, Ph.D. (1997, Polymer Science).
"Microstructure of Poly(Vinyl Acetate) Studied by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy"

Vadim Zaikov, Ph.D. (1997, Polymer Science)
"A Study of Poly(Vinyl Chloride) Microstructure"


Andrew G. Glen, Ph.D. (1998, Applied Mathematics)
"The Development and Application of a Probability Programming Language"

Eric Kielin, Ph.D. (1998, Polymer Science)
"Platinized Tin Oxide: A Low-Temperature Oxidation Catalyst"

Jim McKeon, Ph.D. (1998, Nondestructive Evaluation)
"Tomography Applied to Lamb Wave Contact Scanning Nondestructive Evaluation"

Lawrence Mtetwa, Ph.D. (1998, Atmospheric Science)

Thomas J. Venhaus, Ph.D. (1998, Surface Science)
"Plasma Source Ion Implantation of High Voltage Electrodes"
"Africa as a Regional and Global Source of Atmospheric Gases and Particulates"

Drew Weisenberger, Ph.D. (1998, Accelerator Science)
"Gamma Ray Imaging Detector for Small Animal Research"


Shaun Fallat, Ph.D. (1999, Applied Mathematics)
"Totally Nonnegative Matricies"

Michael Pitts, Ph.D. (1999, Atmospheric Science)
"An Investigation of Remote Sensing of Temperature and Pressure from the Oxygen A Band on SAGE III"

Michael Watkins, Ph.D. (1999, Nondestructive Evaluation)
"The Thermographic Nondestructive Evaluation of Iron Aluminide Green Sheet"

Deonna Woolard, Ph.D. (1999, Nondestructive Evaluation--Physics).
Thermoelastic and Photoelastic Full-Field Stress Measurement


Adam Friedman, Ph.D. (2000, Nondestructive Evaluation).
"Theoretical and Experimental Study of Generation Mechanisms for Laser Ultrasound in Woven Graphite/Epoxy Composites with Translaminar Stitching"

Gretchen Lingenfelser, MA (2000, Atmospheric Science).
"The Use of Long-Lived Tracer Observations to Examine Transport Characteristics in the Lower Stratosphere"

Eugene Malyarenko, Ph.D. (2000, Nondestructive Evaluation).
"Lamb Wave Diffraction Tomography"

James McAdoo, Ph.D. (2000, Surface Science).
"Factors Affecting Carrier Transport in Ultrafast III-IV Compound"

Jeff Rogozinski, Ph.D. (2000, Polymer Science).
"In Situ Frequency Dependent Electromagnetic Sensing for Monitoring Physical and Chemical Attributes During Chemical Processing"

Xianmin Tang, Ph.D. (2000, Surface Science).
"Low Damage Plasma Processing and Process Characterization"

Lingling Wu, Ph.D. (2000, Surface Science).
"Surface Processing by RFI PECVD and RFI PSII"