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Darwin Across the Disciplines on Channel 48

If you missed the William & Mary faculty's observance of Charles Darwin's 200th birthday, you can view Darwin Across the Disciplines on Channel 48. The symposium explores Darwin's influence across the spectrum of intellectual life.

African Burial Ground in NYC is Now a National Monument

Professor Michael Blakey's work as lead scientist at the New York African Burial Ground led to the designation of the site as a national monument. A memorial at the site was dedicated Oct. 5.

Eloquent Gestures: When Apes Communicate, Barbara King Watches

Once every month or two Barbara J. King boards a train to see a Washington, D.C., family she has been visiting for years. Mandara, Kuja and their offspring greet her with gestures and grunts each time she enters their house.

A Tale of Two Cities

It was the best of times. Wahunsenacawh, also known as Chief Powhatan, had settled into a new capital town on a bay off what is now the York River.