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Tomos Evans

Year Entered: 2017
Degree Sought: Ph.D.
Sub-field: Archaeology
Research Interests: West African Archaeology, Art History and Ethnography; Yoruba Studies; Monumental Earthworks; Urbanism and Social Complexity; Colonial and Postcolonial Archives; Landscape Archaeology; Geospatial Analysis
Regional Specialization: Nigeria; United Kingdom

Before beginning his graduate studies at William & Mary, Tomos received a B.A. in Archaeology from the University of Cambridge in 2014 and an M.A. in African Studies with Heritage from University College London in 2016. He has worked predominantly on the African continent having taken part in archaeological field projects in South Africa (2014; 2015), Malawi (2014) and Nigeria (2017) and having worked as an intern at the University of Pretoria (2015) and the Trust for African Rock Art in Nairobi, Kenya (2015) though he has also worked on archaeological projects in the United Kingdom, Romania and Vietnam. Tomos is also experienced in performing zooarchaeological lab research including his analysis of faunal material deriving from archaeological contexts associated with 18th and 19th century Creole communities of African descent in colonial and antebellum Louisiana (2016). Furthermore, he has been involved in archival research in the United Kingdom (2017) relating to the current research of the Ife-Sungbo Archaeological Project into the history and archaeology of southwestern Nigeria. He is particularly interested in the West African past and how it articulates with and influences the history of the rest of the Atlantic world in ways that are frequently not explicit in European/Euro-American historical records, and he will be conducting future archaeological field research in southwestern Nigeria.