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Africana Studies is a diverse and collegial community of faculty, staff, and students. Our program is interdisciplinary, which means that our core faculty teach Africana Studies courses while based in a single field such as History or English.

Core Faculty

Blakey, Michael
Professor of Africana Studies, American Studies, and Anthropology
Office: Washington Hall 112
Phone: 757-221-7681
Email: [[mlblak]]
Areas of Specialization: Biological anthropology, biohistory, bioarchaeology; history and philosophy of science; White supremacy in science and society; publicly engaged archaeology; North America, African diaspora.

Green, Omiyẹmi (Artisia)
Professor of Theatre and Africana Studies
Office: Phi Beta Kappa Hall 268, Boswell 104E
Email: [[avgreen]]
Phone: 757-221-2616


Osakwe, Chima
Assistant Professor of English and Africana Studies
Office: Tucker Hall 010
Office Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays 11-12 and by appointment (Fall 2023)
Phone: 757-221-2486
Email: [[cjosakwe]]


Osiapem, Iyabo
Teaching Professor of Linguistics & Africana Studies
Office: Boswell Hall 101B
Phone: 757-221-3904
Email: [[ifosiapem]]


Pinson, Hermine
Frances L. and Edwin L. Cummings Professor of English & Africana Studies
Office: Tucker Hall 320
Office Hours: Wednesdays 3:30-5 and by appointment (Spring 2023)
Phone: 757-221-2437
Email: [[hdpins]]
Webpage: {{}}


Sanford, Mei-Mei
Associate Teaching Professor of Africana Studies
Office: Boswell Hall 101

Spencer, Suzette
Assistant Professor of English and Africana Studies
Office: Tucker Hall 024
Office Hours: On Research Leave (Fall 2022)
Email: [[saspencer]]


Thelwell, Chinua Akimaro
Associate Professor of Africana Studies & History (Director)
Office: Blair 354
Email: [[cathelwell]]
Regional Areas of Research: Ancient to Modern Africa, United States
Thematic Areas of Research: African American, Comparative and Transnational, Cultural/Intellectual, Diaspora and Migration, Popular Culture and Media, Race and Ethnicity


Turits, Richard Lee
Associate Professor of Africana Studies, History, and Latin American Studies
Office: Blair 225
email: [[rturits]]
Regional Areas of Research: Latin America and the Caribbean
Thematic Areas of Research: Caribbean, Latin America, U.S. Empire, Race & Racism