Standardized Testing

We know you’re anything but standard, so the SAT/ACT is just one part of your application.

Beginning in March 2016, the College Board launched a redesigned version of the SAT. We encourage you to learn more about the redesign by visiting the College Board's website.  

Applicants for 2017 and beyond are encouraged to take the redesigned SAT, but are welcome to submit scores from the old version. We will use the concordance information provided by the College Board to help us evaluate scores from either version effectively and equitably. If you would like to see how old scores compare to new ones, please reference this SAT Score Converter from the College Board. 

When evaluating scores from the old version of the SAT, the admission committee places primary emphasis on the Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing sections of the exam. Additionally, we will combine a student's best scores for each individual testing section to evaluate a best overall score. However, we will not combine the best scores across the old and redesigned versions of the SAT, only scores from multiple test dates of the same version of the test. 

William & Mary does not require the Writing Section of the old version of the SAT and considers the Essay component of the new version of the SAT to be completely optional. In both cases, we will receive any scores you choose to send during our review process; however, we continue to believe that the best way for our committee to gauge your writing ability is to actually read your writing in the essays submitted with your college application.

Required Exam(s) for Freshman Applicants
Required Exam(s) An SAT or ACT (reported directly from the testing agency) 
SAT Middle 50% range for Class of 2021 1300-1480 (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing + Math out of 1600)
Middle 50% range for Class of 2021 (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) 660-740
Middle 50% range for Class of 2021 (Math) 640-740
ACT Middle 50% range for Class of 2021 29-33 (Overall Composite Score out of 36)
SAT or ACT Writing Not required. A student’s writing ability is assessed through the essay(s) submitted with their application.

Taking Multiple Tests

We require either the SAT or ACT for all freshman applicants. If scores from both tests are submitted, we will use the examination result that is most advantageous for an applicant’s case for admission.


When evaluating SAT scores, the admission committee places primary emphasis on the Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and Math sections on the redesigned SAT (sections are named Critical Reading and Math on the old SAT). Our office will not combine scores between the old and redesigned versions of the SAT. However, if an applicant sends us several test scores from the same test version taken on multiple dates, we will use the best overall combination of SAT scores in our review process.


Scoring Required Tests:
SAT: For the redesigned SAT, W&M uses your best individual Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and Math scores out of 1600 in our application review process. For the old SAT, the same policy applies for the Critical Reading and Math sections.

William & Mary's school code for the SAT is: 5115

ACT: W&M uses your best composite score out of 36.

William & Mary's school code for the ACT is: 4344

Optional Exams for Freshman Applicants
SAT Subject Tests SAT II exams are completely optional and are not a primary factor in our review process. However, if you are applying as a Home-Schooled student, we encourage you to submit at least two test scores in core subject areas.

Highly recommended for international students for whom English is not the first language.

William & Mary's school code for the TOEFL is: 5115.

Placement Exams
AP/IB Exams and A-Levls W&M accepts credit based on AP/IB exam scores and completion of A-Levels. See the W&M Course Catalog for detailed information and our credit PDF for more info on AP/ IB credits for freshman applicants and for transfer applicants.

Standardized Testing for Transfer Applicants
SAT or ACT Exam

Required: For students who have not completed two full-time semesters of college at time of application.

Optional: For students who have completed two full-time semesters of college at time of application.
TOEFL Required: For international transfer applicants.