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How Tuition is Spent

William & Mary combines several sources of revenue to provide students with an exceptional education. Approximately 80% of each tuition dollar directly supports academic and student services.

For every dollar of undergraduate tuition W&M receives,

  • 46¢ goes toward instruction — supporting faculty compensation, supplies and materials and course-specific research that brings new discoveries into classrooms.
  • 15¢ supports need-based financial aid — affording exceptional students the opportunity to attend W&M.
  • 14¢ goes to academic support services — including libraries, instructional technology and curriculum development.
  • 13¢ goes to institutional support — such as human resources and IT.
  • 8¢ supports operations — for the care and security of our campus including facility maintenance and W&M Police.
  • 4¢ goes to student services — like the registrar, career services, financial aid office and admission.

Every tuition dollar helps the people, places and programs across W&M's entire academic enterprise to flourish.

Dollar bill graphic reflecting how each dollar of tuition is spent: 46¢ goes toward instruction; 15¢ supports need-based financial aid; 14¢ goes to academic support services; 13¢ goes to institutional support; 8¢ supports operations; 4¢ goes to student services.