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Frequently the wedding couple and their attendants leave the chapel, walk through the courtyard, and re-enter the building by way of the piazza, waiting in the hall behind the chapel for their guests to leave, and then going back into the chapel for formal photographs.

Some weddings use the piazza and other areas inside and outside the building for photography. If there is a wedding before or after yours, please avoid being on the grounds during that reservation.  While we cannot guarantee that the Great Hall and other public spaces in the building will be available for photography, you are welcome to use them on an as-available basis with the understanding that you may be sharing the space with tourists and visitors. Contact [[weddings]] a week or two before your ceremony if you want to know what rooms will be available.

If you plan to have formal photographs taken in or around the Wren Building prior to the day of your wedding, please encourage your photographer to schedule the shoot with [[weddings]] so we can be sure that other scheduled events do not interfere with your photo shoot.

There is no prohibition against flash photography in the Wren Building, but you might consider whether you want the distraction of flashes during your ceremony. Your officiant may also have an opinion about this, so check with them as well.