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Provided below is a recap of our most frequently addressed topics. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more detailed information about our policies and guidelines.

The Wren Building is a historic structure which is still used for William & Mary classes, guided tours and various special events including weddings. While Wren Building staff will ensure that the wedding ceremony is not disturbed, wedding parties should be aware that they will be sharing the building with members of the W&M community and the general public.

The staff of the Wren Building does not involve itself with matters of faith, ritual, taste or style. We do concern ourselves with matters that affect the safety and comfort of your guests and matters that bear on the welfare of the Wren Building. That said, please don't hesitate to [[weddings,contact us]] with questions.

Frequently addressed topics
The Venue

The Wren Building is first and foremost an academic building. There are no spaces suitable for use as dressing rooms, and there is no designated waiting room for the bride. We can help find a place in the building for the bride and her attendants to "hide" before the ceremony. We will not reserve any additional rooms for this purpose and cannot guarantee that the bride's room of choice will be available.

Wedding Coordination

The Wren Building does not provide a wedding coordinator. [[weddings]] will be your primary point of contact for booking the venue and answering any questions you have about using the space. Wren Building staff will be available at the rehearsal and at the wedding to unlock doors, light candles and offer logistical support.

Lighting and Electrical Capabilities

The lighting and use of the electrical outlets in the Chapel are somewhat limited. The antique chandelier in the Chapel is electrified and equipped with a dimmer. There are also concealed lights (also with dimmers) in the window sills. The Chapel lighting was designed so that its color and intensity are appropriate for a historic interior. This means that on a cloudy day or during an evening wedding the Chapel will be adequately illuminated but not blazing with light.  

Please contact [[weddings]] if you have any questions about lighting or using the electrical outlets. If you are planning an evening ceremony, you can make an appointment to see the Chapel after dark.

Climate Control and Doors

The chapel is air conditioned and heated for your comfort. It is also equipped with a sophisticated humidity-control system for the preservation of the antique organ. Because of the sensitivity of the organ to changes in temperature and relative humidity, we ask that you minimize the time the chapel door is open. Receiving lines and guest books are discouraged because they often lead to the doors remaining open for too long.

Food and Beverages

No food or beverages may be brought into the Wren Building or onto the grounds by members of the wedding party or wedding guests.

Using the Grounds

Please give advance notice if any element of your wedding will involve use of the grounds around the Wren Building. This includes photography, a horse-drawn carriage, or musicians such as a fife and drum corps or a bagpiper.