International Advisory Committee

The Committee advises the Provost, the Reves Center Director and others on internationally focused initiatives and programs across the university. The Committee provides recommendations on how best to build incentives for incorporating international/global perspectives, competencies, and experiences into all levels of the university's work– study-abroad, public programs, research initiatives, etc. The Committee recommends guidelines for education abroad programs and reviews various Reves Center initiatives.

  • Committee is appointed
  • Term:  3 years
  • Advisory:  Provost
  • Chair:  Appointed by Provost
Membership (2017-18)
*Teresa Longo, Chair
John Donahue
Amy Oakes
Christopher Del Negro
Carla Buck
*Jeff Kaplow (Fall)
Dan Maliniak (Spring)
Jeremy Stoddard
Donald Rahtz
*Pam Eddy
Nancy Combs
Walker Smith

*Emma Russell
*Ketaki Umarani

*indicates new member