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Commencement Policy Committee

The Commencement Policy Committee makes recommendations to the President on the content and nature of the Commencement weekend activities, including the format, elements and sequencing of the ceremony itself; the manner of conferring degrees; the processes for ticket distribution; and the overall coordination for scheduling and space allocation for weekend events. The Committee also makes decisions on any Commencement Policy proposals and/or appeals. Members of this committee are responsible for coordinating the process for selecting the student Commencement speaker and for identifying who will receive major awards at Commencement (the Carr Cup, the Botetourt Medal, the Thatcher Prize, and the Sullivan Awards).

  • Committee is appointed
  • Advisory:  Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Term:  3 years (faculty), 1 year (students)
  • Chair:  Vice President for Student Affairs
Membership (2023-24)

Virginia Ambler, Chair
Deborah Bebout
Shanta Hinton
John Manuli
Tom McSweeney
Ashleigh Everhardt Queen*
Andrew Scheld
Tom Ward
Ben Boone, Ex Officio
Matthew Brandon*, Ex Officio
Jennifer Dahnke*, Ex Officio
Alana Davis*, Ex Officio
Michael Fox, Ex Officio
Lauren Garrett, Ex Officio
Andrea Harris, Ex Officio
Greg Henderson, Ex Officio
Jennifer Nelson*, Ex Officio
Dot Osborne, Ex Officio
Steve Tewksbury, Ex Officio
Brian Wall*, Ex Officio
Brian Whitson, Ex Officio

*indicates new member