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Plan Ahead Team

Members & Squads

Plan Ahead Team

Katherine Rowe – President
Peggy Agouris – Curricular Flexibility/Resilient Delivery
Maggie Evans – De-Densify Space
Graham Henshaw – Call to Service
Sam Jones – Operational Resilience
Mike Ryan – Career Pathways

List of Plan Ahead Squad Members
Resilient Curriculum Delivery

Squad leader: Peggy Agouris – Provost
Candice Benjes-Small – W&M Libraries
John Donahue – Dean for Ed. Policy, Classical Studies
John Drummond – Information Technology
Laura Heymann – Law
Raman Khanna '21 – Student Assembly
Sallie Marchello – University Registrar
Marjorie Thomas – Dean of Students Office

Arts & Sciences Advisory
Lizabeth Allison – Biology
Josh Burk – Psychological Sciences
John Donahue – Dean for Ed. Policy, Classical Studies
Martin Gallivan – Anthropology
Sophia Serghi – Music

Professional School Advisory
Laura Heymann – Law
Michael Luchs – Business
Tom Ward – Education
Linda Schaffner – VIMS

Operational Resilience

Squad leader: Sam Jones – Finance & Administration
Alexandra Byrne '23 – Student Assembly
Joe Dobrota – Financial Aid
Carrie Dolan – Kinesiology & Health Sciences, Global Research Institute
Abby Houser – Finance
Calandra Lake – Sustainability
Joe Martinez – VIMS
Bill Vega – Procurement

Career Pathways

Squad leader: Mike Ryan – Mason School of Business Graduate Career Management Center
Kay Floyd – Whole of Government Center of Excellence
Leslie Grant – School of Education
Matthew Haug – Philosophy
Meg Jones '22 – Student Assembly
Tonya Nations – Cohen Career Center
Luiza Newlin-Lukowicz – University Advancement
Ramona Sein – Law
Julie Summs – Economic Development

De-Densify Space

Squad leader: Maggie Evans – Student Affairs
Abbey Childs – W&M Libraries
Chris Durden – Residence Life
Andrew Gilstrap – Mason School of Business Building Services
Sean Hughes – W&M Real Estate Foundation
Linda Knight – Student Affairs
Chris Lee – Human Resources
Mariellyn Maurer – Conference Services
Iyabo Obasanjo – Kinesiology & Health Sciences
Will Wasson J.D. '21 – Student Assembly

Call to Service

Squad leader: Graham Henshaw – Entrepreneurship Hub
Peter Atwater – Economics, topical expert
Chon Glover – Diversity & Inclusion
Rob Kaplan – Law
Sonia Kinkhabwala '21 – Student Assembly
Suzanne Raitt – English
Colin Smolinsky – Government Relations
Drew Stelljes – Student Affairs