Threat Assessment

Pursuant to Virginia Code 23.1-805 William & Mary has established a Threat Assessment Team (TAT). This team is comprised of representatives of the Counseling Center, Dean of Students Office, Residence Life, Police Department, Arts & Sciences, Compliance & Equity, University Counsel and Human Resources.

TAT enlists members of the community in a community-wide effort to ensure the safety and security of the community. This process relies heavily on community members caring about those with whom they live and work. TAT is a restorative not a punitive process that takes action for and not to members of the community who have exhibited concerning behavior.

TAT seeks to identify and reduce potential sources of conflict before they result in harm. TAT is responsible for evaluating reports of threatening and concerning behaviors. All concerns and complaints must and will be taken seriously and will be reviewed. TAT understands that at time members of the community will come to the attention of the team when little or no need exists for further assessment or case management.