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Tornado Safety

During a tornado watch

Stay tuned to local media and the W&M emergency alert page for weather alerts and emergency instructions.

During a tornado warning
If a tornado is sighted approaching the campus:
  • Go to the interior hallway on the lowest floor, if time permits. If time does not permit, go to the safest area of your classroom or office furthest away from the doors and windows.
  • Avoid windows, auditoriums, gymnasiums or other structures with wide, free-span roofs.
  • Take shelter underneath a desk or any heavy furniture available.

Campus emergencies such as tornados, hazardous materials incidents and active shooter incidents may require sheltering indoors for safety. The W&M Warning Siren System will sound if an emergency requires sheltering-in-place. Take the following steps if you hear the siren:

  • Take shelter indoors. Close windows and doors.
  • Seek information:
  • Wait for an "all clear" message.