W&M's COVID-19 Response

Latest updates:

President Katherine A. Rowe will host the next Community Conversation on April 8 at noon ET. The virtual event will address questions about how the university continues to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. The conversations will continue on a weekly basis each Wednesday at noon ET through May 13. Add event to your calendar.

"At William & Mary, we hold the value of belonging among our most cherished ideals. In this pandemic, I count on each of us to affirm that value: it is our individual and collective responsibility to create a welcoming and caring community that embraces diverse people and perspectives. I join Williamsburg's Mayor and City Council in asking everyone in our community, near and far, to treat one another with mutual respect – and with compassion for the uncertainty and worry that we face together. Incidents of hate, xenophobia and racism have no place on our campus or in our communities and will not be tolerated."

– Katherine A. Rowe, President

If you have questions specifically related to area impact of COVID-19, the Virginia Department of Health has opened a call center at 757-594-7069. Please check the Peninsula & Hampton Health District Facebook page for hours of operation. For detailed information about the COVID-19 disease, visit the CDC website.

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