A place to work on your bike

The William & Mary Bike Alliance has installed 8 Fix It Stations throughout campus to facilitate self repair and maintenance of bikes. Each station is equipped with tools and a bike pump. The stations are located in popular cyclist areas or high residential volume.  

mech monday

Basic Fix it station                                           Onboard Tools

Standard FileStandard File

 Where are the stations located? Below are four of the most popular sites. 

Standard File

Fix-it Station Status

We're in the process of upgrading our fix it stations with new parts.  After the upgrade, the stations will be easier to use and less prone to failure.  We know this inconvenient, so we've put together this table for you to check which parts are operational.  

Fix it Station Status
Station Tool stand Air pump
Botetourt Yes Yes
Daily Grind Yes Yes
Grad Plex Yes Yes
Lemon Yes Yes
Ludwell Yes Yes
Parking Deck No No
Rec Center Yes No
VIMS Yes Yes

Here's a full list and map of the Fix It Stations (PDF)