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Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions
What is the Bicycle Alliance?

The Bike Alliance is a group of students, staff, administrators, and faculty who wish to create an environment conducive to cycling at William & Mary. 

Our Mission
  • Promote bicycling as a safe, efficient and environmentally considerate transportation alternative for William & Mary and members of the Williamsburg and James City County communities.
Our Vision
  • To offer classes, programming, tools, and outreach to educate our community about the importance of bicycle safety.
    • Engage campus leadership to promote and design bicycle pathways & corridors on campus; increasing roadway capacity and user mobility
    • Develop sustainable initiatives that lead to creation of green bicycle parking options & storage facilities
    • Develop an inclusive outreach campaign that supports and brings together riders of all types through collaboration with FYE participate in numerous New Student Orientation events
    • To provide bicycle registration, bicycle safety information, to inform students about the laws to obey when riding, and to encourage students to wear bike helmets for every ride.

Cycling has many benefits, including improving physical and mental health, fostering stronger community ties, boosting local economies, and providing cheap, clean transportation. As the program continues to grow, we will continue to foster the development of cycling at William & Mary.

Where can I ride?

Did you know that the Williamsburg Area has received Bronze-level cycling friendly certification from the League of American Bicyclists? This means that are enough bike lanes, multi-use paths, and safe shared roads within—and outside—the city to allow cyclists to move around safely and conveniently.

Whether it is a trip to New Town or an excursion to the beautiful Chickahominy State Park, here are some tools to help you get around the city:

Where can I buy or sell a bicycle? Where can I get my bike fixed?

There are several options in Williamsburg for buying, renting, selling, and fixing bicycles.

  • Bikes Unlimited is the closest shop to the College, located at 141 Monticello Avenue, right behind Food Lion in the Williamsburg Shopping Center.
  • Conte’s Bike Shop is just down the road in New Town Center at 4900 Courthouse Street, and offers a full range of bicycles, accessories, apparel, and service.
  • Just a couple of pedals away is Trek Bikes, located in Monticello Marketplace near Target.
  • Located on 18555 New Kent Hwy, Red Barn Bikes gets its distinctive name from the barn-turned-bike shop that houses it. Although it’s further away than the other two, keep an eye out for the mobile Red Barn Bikes van!
  • Located at 170-A Second Street, Williamsburg, VA 23185 just 1 block off the Colonial Parkway and 3 blocks from the historic district. Bike The Burg offers a full range of services from sales of bikes, rentals, repair, to parts and accessories. They also carry a full line of bikes rentals for men, women, kids, and trailers for toddlers. Tandem bikes are available also.

How can I learn more about bicycle maintenance, safety, and enjoyment?

A goal of the Bike Alliance is the establishment of a cycling course to teach students bicycle maintenance and safety, as well where to ride in the Williamsburg area. However, there are still resources you can use to learn maintenance, safety, and enjoyment.  

  • Safety:  Riding is like driving—you must have working knowledge of the rules of the road. Review our Bicycle Safety Guidelines to stay safe.
  • Maintenance: Red Barn Bikes offers clinics to teach riders how to fix their bikes.
What are William & Mary’s rules on bicycle use?

“Bicycle storage is permitted only at the bicycle racks provided around campus. Do not chain or lock to benches, light poles, sign poles, stairwell rails, building emergency egress points, or trees.

Bicycles found at these locations will be impounded immediately if they pose a safety hazard, otherwise they will be tagged for 24 hours then removed and impounded.

Impounded bicycles will be stored in the gated area within the Parking Deck. You may claim your bicycle during normal Parking Services Hours of Operation (M-F). To claim a registered bicycle you will need to present your W&M ID card. For non-registered bicycles you must provide proof of ownership and complete a Bicycle Abatement form. The recovery fee to remove a bicycle from impound is $25 due at the time of release.”

From Bicycle Rules and Regulations

In addition, you should always follow the rules of the road when cycling. For a quick refresher, see our Bicycle Safety Guidelines.

Is there indoor storage on campus?

Currently the only available indoor storage exists in the parking garages (Parking Deck on Ukrop Way and Red Garage at OTP). We are currently working to get more indoor or covered storage option available, as bicycles cannot function properly if kept outdoors year round.

Please refrain from storing bicycles indoors, as the College requires that “bicycles may not be kept in buildings when school is in session; however, students may store their bicycles in their residence hall rooms during breaks in the school year.”

From Residence Life Guidelines
How do I register my bike?

It is College policy that you must register your bike with Parking & Transportation Services. By registering your bike, you are protecting your bike. If your bike is stolen, the police will have the necessary information to help them find your bike and return it to you.

Registration forms are available online via the bike registration page. Registration only takes a few minutes, but will last for 6 years.

To complete the registration, you will need your home address, your phone number, the make and model of your bike, the serial number of your bike and an estimate of the bike's value.