Bike Ambassadors

We are a group of students, staff, administrators, and faculty promoting the use of bicycles in our community by creating an environment conducive to cycling.    


Cycling has many benefits, including improving physical and mental health, fostering stronger community ties, boosting local economies, and providing cheap, clean transportation. However, William & Mary currently lacks necessary infrastructure like covered storage, sufficient bike racks and bike lanes, fix-it stations, and cyclist education courses. We believe that by addressing these shortcomings - and by establishing a bicycle rental program and an on-campus bike shop - we would provide the College with a healthy, inexpensive, environmentally friendly, economically beneficial, and increasingly popular mode of transportation and recreation.


Horacio III, Bill

About: Bill Horacio III the Director of Parking & Transportation Services plans and directs all aspects of Parking Services to ensure safe, efficient, and cost effective services. Bill oversees the management and maintenance of campus lots and garage(s); permit sales, directs enforcement, and coordinates special event parking. As a transit planner he is responsible for devising and implementing strategies and programs designed to effectively manage and improve movement across campus. He owns a Specialized Allez Sport road bike and Raleigh Misceo 2.0 hybrid.

Leah Marshall

Marshall, Leah
About: Leah Marshall is currently a sophomore double majoring in Geology and Environmental Science. She enjoys being involved with the Bike Alliance as a way to explore the Williamsburg area and work towards creating a safer biking environment on campus. In addition to cycling as recreation and adventure, Leah loves using her bike as a sustainable method of transportation, both on campus and throughout Williamsburg. Leah currently serves as the Secretary of the W&M Bike Alliance.


Palia, Sophia
About: Sophia Palia is a current Junior at the College, double majoring in Biology and French. She loves adventuring, the outdoors, and fun so biking with the Bike Alliance has been a highlight of her college experience so far! Whether it be through leading a ride along the Virginia Capital Trail, listening to one of our passionate speakers, or helping someone pump up their bike tires at one of our Fix-it stations on campus, she enjoys sharing how bikes can be a powerful tool for change in a community. Sophia currently serves as the President of the W&M Bike Alliance.

Rich Thompson

Thompson, Rich
About: Rich Thompson the Associate Director for Sadler Center and Campus Center is responsible for the day to day operations and handling the logistics for all of the events produced at them for the college. Since joining the College of William & Mary and relocating to the Williamsburg community, Rich has been active in promoting the numerous benefits of cycling through his committee and club participation both on and off campus.