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Undergraduate Program

The Department of Sociology offers a B.A. in Sociology. William & Mary is one of the best liberal arts colleges, and we believe that Sociology is the best liberal arts major. Sociology majors graduate with a wide range of knowledge and skills that serve them well in a variety of possible futures. All sociology majors gain valuable, marketable skills in our rigorous theory and research methods course sequence, which emphasizes both quantitative and qualitative approaches. These skills make sociology majors outstanding candidates for a wide variety of jobs.

Concentrations within the major provide the opportunity for students to target specific careers. Our alumni work to solve problems in areas related to:

  • global issues
  • medicine and public health
  • law and criminal justice
  • social/policy change

Sociology majors pursue graduate study and careers in education, business, advocacy, public service, administration, law, medicine, journalism, international development, social work, communications, public health, public policy, law, business and urban planning.

In addition to the major and minor, we have many courses for students who wish to explore one or two sociology topics as part of their W&M experience. We feel that anyone could benefit from the wide range of subjects covered in our courses.