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Integrative Conservation Minor

This minor is designed for students who would like to explore career opportunities related to the conservation and maintenance of cultural- and bio-diversity. It is offered through the Institute for Integrative Conservation (IIC), and allows students to work across disciplines to address complex global conservation challenges, especially global loss of biodiversity. 

Students explore integrative approaches that balance the conservation and preservation of wildlife and their ecosystems with human wellbeing and in co-design with local communities. Our approach helps to conserve human cultural diversity and ensures that local communities are empowered in all stages of the process to ensure that their knowledge, worldview, and rights are central to the conception, design, and implementation of conservation projects.

The minor requires a total of 21 credits, as described in the Undergraduate Catalog. Students pursuing the minor complete a required capstone project in collaboration with an external conservation partner. Students apply for and are matched to these collaborative projects by the IIC.