S. Laurie Sanderson Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Mentoring

Nomination Guidelines

Undergraduate students and faculty are invited to nominate current A&S graduate students using the Nomination Form. Complete nominations are due by email to [[sgglos, Sarah Glosson]] by no later than 5:00 p.m., February 8, 2019. A complete nomination will consist of a nomination form from a current or past W&M undergraduate student, and a second nomination form from a current or past W&M faculty member. These two nomination forms can be sent in separate email messages or can be sent together. Nomination forms received after the deadline will not be considered.

A&S graduate students who are registered in 2018-19 are eligible for nomination and the graduate student must not have graduated by May 2019. The nominations can recognize current or previous mentoring. Graduate students will not be told that they are being nominated. Except in the case of an unavoidable conflict, graduate students must be present at the Graduate Research Symposium awards luncheon in order to receive the award.

Up to four awards of $250 each will be granted annually to be distributed between the following categories in A&S: the Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences (American Studies, Anthropology, and History); and the Natural, Computational, and Psychological Sciences (Applied Science, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, Psychological Sciences). The number of awards to be distributed per category may vary year-to-year based on the number and quality of nominations.

Only complete nominations consisting of a nomination form from a current or past W&M undergraduate student AND a separate nomination form from a current or past W&M faculty member will be evaluated. Nomination forms must be submitted by individuals and cannot have multiple co-signers, although additional undergraduate students and faculty members may submit separate forms nominating the same graduate student. The content of the nomination forms will be used to determine the award recipients, but the number of nomination forms received for a graduate student will not be a factor. You will receive acknowledgement by email that the nomination was received.

A panel of W&M faculty and Graduate Studies Advisory Board members will rank the nominations and determine their distribution between the two disciplinary categories. The judging panel retains the right to make fewer awards, depending on number and content of nominations received.