Alumni Updates: 1960s


Below are archived updates for alumni graduating between 1960 and 1969. Visit the main Alumni Updates page for updates received this year.

Lee Ellison '60 (B.S., Chemistry & Fine Arts) writes: “After retiring from a career in Cardiac surgery, I, my wife, two children sailed to the Caribbean. We lived on and sailed out boat for one year, Moved to Nevis and taught at a World Health Organization Medical School for three years and finally sailed across he South Pacific from Tahiti to Tonga. We have now returned to the USA for our kids secondary school education. I have returned to Sculpture, which was my love at William and Mary. I am working at Stony Creek Granite and clay. My work can be seen at "” (2010)

George Hanley '67 (B.A., Art History) George currently serves on the Board of Trustees at the Greenville, N.C. Museum of Art. (2009)

Lynn Curlee '69 (Art History) Lynn spent his freshman and sophomore years at W&M, and then transferred to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa in Art History. Although he did not graduate from W&M, it was here he first studied art history. After graduating from UNC, Lynn received a doctoral fellowship to the University of in Philadelphia, where he earned an M.A. in Art History, specializing in 19th-century architecture and quattrocento painting. After which he moved to New York City and became a professional artist, with a long career in the gallery scene. His later interests shifted to writing and illustrating. Lynn is the author/illustrator of 12 nonfiction books for children, with more to come. You can check out an archive of his career at his website. (2009)