AP or IB Credit in Chemistry

Note that some course numbers will change in the 2017-18 Undergraduate Catalog. The old numbers are indicated in parenthesis.

Some students enter William and Mary with AP, IB, or college credit in chemistry.

  • An AP score of 4 or IB score of 5 (higher level) is sufficient to receive credit for Chem 103 and Chem 103L (General Chemistry 1 and Lab).
  • An AP score of 5 or IB score of 6 or 7 receives credit for Chem 103, 103L, 208 (CHEM 308), and 254 (CHEM 354).

CHEM 208 (CHEM 308) fulfills the General Chemistry II classroom requirement but not the lab requirement, so students with AP 4 or IB 5 credit will still need to take CHEM 254 (General Chemistry Lab II) (CHEM 354)  or 256 (Quantitative and Inorganic Lab) (CHEM 356) to complete lab requirements. These lab courses are offered only in the Spring semester. 

Students with AP 5 credit who want to take CHEM 208 must drop their AP credit before they can register.

If you have questions, please speak with your faculty advisor, or stop by the Chemistry Office.