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In its Honors Program the Biology Department awards one level of Honors to student research projects. The projects listed below have been defended successfully, and a copy of the thesis deposited in Swem Library.

  • Student, "Thesis" (Honors level)
    Committee Chair + Other Committee Members
  • Stephanie Byers, "Characterization of selected genes and neurotransmitters of the developing central nervous system in the Xenopus laevis emryo" (Honors)
    Margaret Saha + Mark Forsyth, Matthew Wawersik, Elizabeth Harbron
  • Kenneth DeFontes, "Effects of Slip-Strand Mutations in the Histidine Kinase arsS of Heliobacter pylori" (Honors)
    Mark Forsyth + Diane Shakes, Beverly Sher, Lisa Landino
  • Alicia Frame, "The Effects of Feather Pigmentation on Bacterial Degradation Rates" (Honors)
    John Swaddle + Mark Forsyth, Dan Cristol, Greg Smith
  • Stefanie Gera, "Animal size and radula morphetric characters of the carnivorous gastropod Rapana venose (Murcidae) from the Chesapeake Bay" (Honors)
    Julianna Harding + Randy Chambers, Greg Capelli, Roger Mann
  • Natalia Golub, "Specification of Neurotransmitter Phenotypes in Xenopus laevis" (Honors)
    Margaret Saha + Mark Forsyth, Patty Zwollo, David Armstrong
  • John Seeley, "Analysis of the Tyrosine Hydroxylase Gene and one of its Primary Transcription Factors, Nurr1, in Xenopus laevis" (Honors)
    Margaret Saha + Lizabeth Allison, John Griffin, Rob Hinkle
  • Christopher Seibert, "A shRNA, Dual Flurorescent Protein Strategy to Determine Hormone Receptor Nuclear Import Mechanisms" (Honors)
    Lizabeth Allison + Diane Shakes, Oliver Kerscher, John Swaddle, M. Melfi
  • Alexandra Sledd, "Genetic Variation within the ArsRS Two-Component Signal Transduction System of Heliobacter pylori Relative to Disease Outcome and Geographic Origin" (Honors)
    Mark Forsyth + Diane Shakes, Paul Heideman, Ismail Abdalla
  • Jamie Underdown, "Molecular charcterization of a fungus infecting the hydrothermal vent mussel Bathymodiolus brevior" (Honors)
    Ryan Carnegie + Cindy Van Dover, Lizabeth Allison, Patty Zwollo
  • Mark Astoria, "Caenorhabditis elegans cell division mutant 1115" (Honors)
    Diane Shakes + Joe Scott, Matt Wawersik, Lisa Landino
  • Benjamin Atkins, "Segregation Defects in APC/C Mutant Caenorhabditis elegans Spermatogenesis" (Honors)
    Diane Shakes + Margaret Saha, Mark Forsyth, Robin Looft-Wilson
  • Jeffrey Burket, "Phase variation in cgtA (HP0217) of Heliobacter pylori and Lewis-antigen expression in lipopolysaccharide"
    Mark Forsyth + John Swaddle, Beverly Sher, Sherree Davis
  • Nicole Cameron, "Nuclear Export of the Thyroid Hormone Receptor" (Honors)
    Lizabeth Allison + Patty Zwollo, Margaret Saha, Clay Clemens
  • Jennifer DeCuir, "Identification of Autoinducer-2 Regulated Genes in Helocobacter pylori" (Honors)
    Mark Forsyth + Misty McPhee, Beverly Sher, Michael Leruth
  • Ryan Fame, "Role of BMP-4, FGF-8b, and Retinoic Acid in the Specifications and Differentiation of GABAergic and Glutamatergic Neural Phenotypes" (Honors)
    Margaret Saha + Paul Heideman, Mark Forsyth, Debbie Bebout
  • Katherine Fisher, "An Analysis of the Early Stages of Neurotransmitter Phenotype Specifications" (Honors)
    Margaret Saha + Lizabeth Allison, Paul Heideman, Sebastian Schreiber
  • Christopher Ford, "Investigating the Role of TCST system jhp0151-0150 in Heliobacter pylori adhesion" (Honors)
    Mark Forsyth + Joe Scott, Matt Wawersik, Lisa Landino
  • Carol Logan, "Comparative Ultrastructure of the Digestive Diverticula in Bathymodiolin Mussels from Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vent and Seep Sites" (Honors)
    Cindy Van Dover + Joe Scott, Diane Shakes, Ryan Carnegie
  • Christopher Muir, "Ecological Speciation in Drosophila" (Honors)
    George Gilchrist + John Swaddle, Donna Folk, Sebastian Schreiber
  • Laura Page, "The Effect of Ambient White Noise on Female Zebra Finch Preference for Extra-Pair Mates" (Honors)
    John Swaddle + Stan Hoegerman, George Gilchrist, Sebastian Schreiber
  • Lamia Wahba, "Cell Cycle Modeling and Chromosome Segregation Defects in Caenorhabditis elegans" (Honors)
    Diane Shakes + Patty Zwollo, George Gilchrist, Sebastian Schreiber
  • Matthew Wester, "The Effects of Early Cell Cycle Cessation on Neurotransmitter Specifications in Xenopus laevis" (Honors)
    Margaret Saha + Matt Wawersik, Diane Shakes, David Armstrong
  • Heather Wiseman, "The Abundance of Cyanolichens in the College Woods, Williamsburg, Virginia" (Honors)
    Martha Case + Stewart Ware, Mark Forsyth, Junping Shi
  • Krishna Dondeti
    Mark Forsyth + Margaret Saha, George Gilchrist, Sebastian Schreiber
  • Megan Evans
    Cindy Van Dover + Joseph Scott, Mark Forsyth, Ryan Carnegie
  • Marion Harris
    Margaret Saha + Paul Heideman, Diane Shakes, Elizabeth Harbron
  • Brendan Hodkinson
    Martha Case + Joseph Scott, Stewart Ware, Brent Owens
  • Lisa McGinnis
    Mark Forsyth + Patty Zwollo, Beverly Sher, Lisa Landino
  • Katie Provost
    George Gilchrist + John Swaddle, Paul Heideman, Sebastian Schreiber
  • William Tarantino
    Stewart Ware + Margaret Saha, Randy Chambers, Anne Reilly
  • Michael Weston
    Eric Bradley + Margaret Saha, Laurie Sanderson, Lisa Landino