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A&AH Newsletter 2010

Alumni and friends:

I am writing to extend a warm welcome from the department of art and art history.

We've had a busy year.

Some of the highlights include the tenure and promotion of Professor  Elizabeth Mead and  the recognition of our department's excellence in teaching and leadership. Professor Charles Palermo has received an Alumni Memorial Term Distinguished Associate Professorship, Professor Elizabeth Mead an Alumni Fellowship Award for teaching, and Professor Sibel  Zandi-Sayek was appointed co-director of the Asian Studies initiative.

We also will be saying goodbye to Brad McLemore after five years with the department (see interview). He will be sorely missed.

And as we have come to expect, the extremely high achievements of our students. These include honors projects ,  student curated shows at the Muscralle Museum, numerous individual awards for our studio artists, papers presented at national conferences for our art history students,  and a impressive list of national and international graduate programs  upon graduation.

 Please read about these stories (and more) in our newsletter or better yet, come to our homecoming celebration on Friday October 22, from 4:00-6:00 pm in our "newly renovated foyer" and we will tell you all about them in person.

Keep in touch

Brian Kreydatus
June 2010

2010 A&AH Graduates

2010 Art & Art History Graduates

Congratulations to the class of 2010!

Rusty Meadows

Student Achievements

Awards, exhibits, presentations, and interships - our students continue to impress.

Alum, Greta Glaser '09

Alumni Updates 

As always we are blown away by the paths taken by our alumni.  Are you an Art & Art History Alum?  Send us your news!

2009 Alumni Homecoming Event Photos
2010 Alumni Homecoming Event Photos

Associate Professor, Charles Palermo

Faculty Notes

Find out who is moving on and what everyone else is up to.

Brad McLemore

Saying Good Bye
Visiting Instructor, Brad McLemore will be leaving the department at the end of the semester.  Be sure to check out Brian Kreydatus' interview with Brad

Jennifer Root, Breakout

Silkscreen Workshop with Artist Chad Andrews

During the fall 2009 semester, a Silkscreen workshop (Art 340-02) was co-taught by Prof Kreydatus and visiting artist Chad Andrews. The course was designed to coincide with Deeply superficial: Warhol's voyeurism at the Muscarelle MuseumRead more...

Call for Funding of Undergraduate Honors Research

We would like to provide each honors student with $300 for research-related expenses. The faculty of Art and Art History asks for your assistance in providing funding for this important endeavor.