Conduct Research

Good to Know

You can design and conduct your own research project through the Honors Program or by taking an Independent Study course. Faculty often welcome student help on their research. Details of individual research labs and topics are found on departmental sites.

Support for Research
Help Doing Research
Sharing Your Research
  • Summer Research Showcase - highlights the rigorous, multi-disciplinary research W&M students undertake each summer with the support of various grants and scholarships.
  • Undergraduate Science Research Symposium - open to any undergraduate student who has completed research in the sciences or mathematics.
  • Campus COLL 300 Symposium - where students who took courses on campus to fulfill their COLL 300 requirement can share their final projects.
Specific Research Programs
  • Honors Program - provides qualified students the opportunity to complete a two-semester, six-credit research project that culminates in a thesis and oral defense.
  • HHMI Science & Research Program - with funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, this program provides opportunities for students to get involved with science research
  • Sharpe Community Scholars Program - the community-based research portion of the Sharpe experience provides students the bridge between academics and effective, real-world action.