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Advising and Declaring a Major

Students traditionally declare their majors in the spring of the sophomore year. In order to do this, students need to get an advisor. Below are some guidelines to facilitate this process:

1. Select an Advisor

Every spring the Psychological Sciences Department hosts the Psychology Majors Declaration Period immediately before and after Spring Break. Check the sign-up sheet posted on the bulletin board of the 1st floor of the ISC in the main hallway nearest the auditorium. Advisor sign-ups run continuously throughout the semester. You will need to meet with your advisor before you declare your major. If you miss the Declaration Period you can visit the Psychological Sciences Office in ISC, Room 1137, to sign up for an advisor. You will email the advisor for an appointment.

Students should try to select a faculty member who shares some of their interests to be their advisor. Only full-time faculty are eligible to advise students.

2. Do Your Homework

Make sure that your courses fulfill the Major Requirements. Make sure that you have selected courses that fulfill not only the major requirements but also your other requirements for graduation, all totaling at least 120 credit hours. Consider your future plans: do you think you will go to graduate school or launch a career after graduating? Do your course selections support those plans?

Complete a Psychology Declaration Checklist [pdf] and a Major Declaration Form [pdf] before you come to your advising appointment.

Bring a new transcript report to your advising appointment. An unofficial transcript copy printed off of Bannerweb is fine.

3. Your Advising Appointment

During your appointment you will discuss your course plan, make necessary corrections, and your advisor will sign the form. If you have selected an advisor that shares your interests, they will be able to suggest coursework to you that you might enjoy and can point you to research you might find interesting. It is important to cultivate a relationship with your advisor because they are an excellent source of information and a possible reference should you decide to go to graduate school or into a psychology-related field.

4. Declare Your Major

Take your signed declaration form to the Psychological Sciences Office, ISC, Room 1137, to make a copy for the department file. Then take your original, signed declaration form immediately to the Registrar's Office.

Students who are double majoring need to have an advisor both in psychology as well as in their other department.