Enrollment Packet for Campus Based ROTC Scholarships

The forms provided below are optional for potential and current William & Mary students who wish to enroll in the Military Science curriculum. The forms provide data that allows the Military Science Department to gather information for enrollment into the department. These forms are required and are property of the U.S. Army’s Cadet Command (CC Form), Department of Defense (DD)  and the Department of the Army (DA Form).  Please contact the Military Science Department at (757) 221 – 3611 if you have further questions.

Please complete the  Enrollment Packet and call the Military Science Department for submission at (757) 221 – 3611.   All the forms have been packaged in one Excel Workbook.  Make sure you fill out the appropriate worksheets.  Rename the worksheet with your "last name, first name, middle initial", save a copy and email the workbook to [[smfee, Scholarship/Enrollment Officer]].

  1. Download the new prospects enrollment packet (.xls).
  2. Located in the new prospects enrollment packet, the Cadet Enrollment Record (Cadet Command Form 139-R) provides data for entry.  The CC Form 139-R allows the Military Science Department to enter the student into the Army’s Cadet Command data-base.  
  3. The Planned Academic Program Worksheet Cadet Command Form 104-R, which is found in the enrollment packet, is completed by the student, academic advisor and approved by the Professor of Military Science for determination of scholarship length.
  4. Fill out the Briefing on Government Sponsored Benefits For ROTC Cadets (CC-136-R). This document provides instructional and legal data regarding medical status during a Cadet’s tenure in ROTC.
  5. Fill out the Authorization for Access of Student records (CC 137-R). This form is required by the Army and the College/University for the Military Science to access/share student records during the Cadets tenure in ROTC.
  6. The medical process is coordinated through the Scholarship Officer and the support staff. The form accuracy is essential, please contact the [[smfee,Scholarship Officer]] for guidance. Complete forms DA-3425 and DD-2492.  The medical website, Department of Defense Medical Review Board (DODMERB), provides all medical and questionnaire forms. Fill out the Medical Exam if you do not have a DoDMERB medical already.
  7. The Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) Scorecard will be provided by the school, most will take the APFT before the semester starts (Form CC 137-R will grant us access to this information).