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Graduate Studies Advisory Board

The Arts & Sciences Graduate Studies Advisory Board (GSAB) plays a vital role in advancing Graduate Arts & Sciences at William & Mary. The GSAB was established in 2004.

  • To development/fundraising to increase the financial resources of Graduate Arts & Sciences;
  • To assist in the building of community within Graduate Arts & Sciences;
  • To enhance professional development opportunities for graduate students;
  • To advocate on behalf of Graduate Arts & Sciences within the W&M community.

Arts & Sciences graduate programs are critical to the mission of William & Mary and to our status as a research university. Graduate programs strengthen undergraduate programs by providing research and mentoring opportunities, and are essential in retaining approximately one third of William & Mary's faculty members in Arts & Sciences.

The board has worked to establish several awards to recognize excellence in our graduate students: the Distinguished Thesis and Dissertation Awards given in honor of Virginia Torczon, former Dean of Graduate Studies & Research; Recruitment Fellowships; Awards for Excellence in Scholarship given at the annual Research Symposium; Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Mentoring given in honor of S. Laurie Sanderson, former Dean of Graduate Studies & Research; and the Faculty Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Mentoring. The board also takes an active role in supporting the annual Graduate & Honors Research Symposium.

The Board meets twice annually, in the fall and spring. The spring meeting follows the annual Research Symposium. Members make a meaningful annual financial commitment in support of Graduate Studies Advisory Board goals.

You can contribute online to help support the mission of the GSAB.