Funding & Financial Support

The department offers a number of teaching assistantships that provide a stipend as well as remission of tuition and all fees. Students offered assistantships at the time of their acceptance into the program will be eligible for four consecutive semesters of such support as long as funding from the College is available and they remain in good academic standing and otherwise satisfactorily fulfill all obligations. In addition, students awarded an assistantship at the time of their original acceptance who are pursuing the M.S. track will often receive summer support.

Teaching Assistantships are awarded without reference to track (M.S. or M.A.). Teaching assistants are not permitted to be paid for additional work during the contract period. However, teaching assistants are eligible for additional financial support to allow full-time work on research during the summer when they are not receiving support from the College.

Students who pursue an M.S. degree may be eligible for summer support from their advisors' grant funds and, for those holding a teaching assistantship, from the College. The availability of such funds varies from year to year. Thesis students who are not on a teaching assistantship may also receive summer support subject to availability of funds. Other financial aid to students may involve faculty grants or part-time employment on an hourly basis in the department.