Wireless Network

About the Wireless Network

At William and Mary, we view wired and wireless network access as complimentary services. Connecting to a wired network jack will always be much faster and more reliable. At the same time, we have a sophisticated and convenient wireless network for "anywhere" access. 

The wireless network is accessible in and around all academic buildings and residence halls, as well as many "greenspaces" such as the Sunken Garden, Yates Field, and Barksdale Field.

The wireless network supports all of the following major protocols: 802.11a, 802.11g, and 802.11n, and 802.11ac.

There are actually three networks to which you may connect:

  • W-M_Wireless - The traditional network, supported by all wireless computers.
  • W-M_Wireless_Encrypted - This network uses the latest encryption standards to protect your online activity. It requires a recent operating system, and may require you to modify your laptop settings in order to connect.
  • eduroam - Connect to a secure wireless network, even while traveling!  Eduroam offers secure wireless service, not only at W&M, but also while visiting any other eduroam institution.  

Resident students are strongly encouraged to connect to an encrypted network (W-M_Wireless_Encrypted or eduroam) to better protect their online activity. Faculty and staff are required to use an encrypted network. Instructions for Windows 8 and 10.

Campus visitors, or those without W&M accounts, may connect to the unencrypted network according to the guest access policy.

Please note that the installation of personal access points is not allowed on campus. Such access points present a security risk and will interfere with the W&M wireless network.