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Payment Card Processing

Accepting credit/debit cards for payment is an easy payment method but requires strict adherence to specific policies and procedures. The card brands (Mastercard/VISA) require all merchants to follow the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).   

To get started:

  • Contact the PCI Committee (pci@wm.edu) to have a conversation about your department’s needs.
  • Review the Departmental Checklist and become familiar with W&M policy and your responsibilities.
  • Review FAQ.

W&M’s Payment Card policies and procedures set forth guidelines departments must follow in order to accept payment cards (credit/debit cards) as payments for services and/or merchandise. It also ensures payment card information is accepted and handled securely in order to reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud to our customers.  Failure to comply may result in financial loss for customers, suspension of credit card processing privileges, and fines imposed on and damage to the reputation of William & Mary.