Program Details

The Program

The DC Semester Program enables outstanding W&M faculty to spend a Fall or Spring semester living, teaching, and researching in Washington, DC.  It offers you the chance to teach a curriculum built around a topic that you propose, to students you help select.  Interested students apply to the DC Semester Program through a highly competitive application and interview process so you, along with a selection committee, choose only the most highly qualified students.  Those selected gain tremendous insight into the field of study through your classes and their related internships.

Find more specific information regarding planning a fall semester or a spring semester in DC.

The Program gives you the added benefit of having W&M administrators available as a resource throughout the semester.  The staff of the W&M Washington Center works closely with you to:

  • Find speakers for classes
  • Make contacts with organizations/institutions with which you wish to work
How it Works

DC Semester Program professors design and teach two 3-4 credit courses  that use DC's unique educational opportunities and align with the semester theme.   One course is generally a broad survey on the semester topic, while the other is a seminar built around theme-appropriate speakers and field trips. These classes typically meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Friday afternoons.

Students spend 30-35 hours per week, Monday-Thursday at internships that also relate to the semester theme.  DC Semester Program professors are not responsible for finding internship opportunities or working with supervisors - the W&M Washington Center administrators handle those tasks.  Program professors do, however, assign and grade students on academic work they complete in association with their internships.