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Teaching in D.C.

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The proposal system for 2023 Study in D.C. academic programs is currently closed. Proposals for 2024 Study in D.C. academic programs will be accepted starting in December 2023.


All departments are welcome, and no previous D.C. experience is necessary. Department chair and dean approval required. 

D.C. Semester Program
Mini-mester I: Week of September 5, 2022, through the week of October 17, 2022
Mini-mester II: Week of October 24, 2022, through the week of December 5, 2022
  • Faculty are responsible for one 3-credit hybrid 7-week "mini-mester" course
  • Faculty are expected to attend 4-5 Friday synchronous speaker/site-visit sessions in D.C. 
  • Max of 20 students
  • COLL 300 or COLL 350 highly preferred
  • Learn more!
D.C. Winter Seminars
Session I: January 3-11, 2023
Session II: January 13-22, 2023
  • 10 day January experience, before spring semester 
  • Includes 3 prep class meetings on campus in fall (and one non-academic session on campus in early spring)
  • Max of 25 students per course
  • Faculty are responsible for one 3-credit course
  • Courses must fulfill either COLL 300 or COLL 350 requirements
  • Learn more!
D.C. Summer Institutes
  • Faculty teach in DC for two weeks in May (students continue for 10 additional weeks in an internship)
  • Max of 20 students per course 
  • Faculty are responsible for 3 courses:
    • 1-credit spring prep class
    • 3-credit speaker series/seminar
    • 1-credit summer reflection course
  • Learn more!
D.C. Summer Session
  • Faculty teach five weeks of online classwork and one week of evening, in-person session during Summer Session I or II (dates may vary)
  • Max of 30 students per course
  • Faculty are responsible for one 3-credit course
  • Courses must fulfill COLL 200, COLL 300 or COLL 350 requirement
  • Faculty members will be required to attend the Studio for Teaching & Learning Innovation's Online Course Development Program in the fall semester (50-100 hours of design, development, and media creation)
  • Learn more!
Fulfilling COLL Requirements

COLL 300

  • D.C. courses must engage at least two COLL 300 visitors. COLL 300 directly connect students with people, places, and ideas that enhance her comprehension of different ways of thinking and being in the world.
  • Visitors must engage students in their lived experiences and communities and cultures outside the United States. While faculty in D.C. may have access to visitors with rich experiences engaging global issues, COLL 300 visitors should not solely focused on domestic or academic perspectives.
  • For example, an effective visitor with Doctors Without Borders might be a doctor who can reflect on the work they accomplished on the ground in another country, not staff members are based in D.C.

COLL 350

  • COLL 350 courses must integrate a consideration of social norms, institutional practices, and patterns of belonging/marginalization through the lens of race and at least one other social identity

Questions about how to incorporate COLL curriculum requirements into your Study in D.C. course? Contact EPC at

Benefits for Faculty

Teaching with the W&M Washington Center allows W&M faculty to take advantage of all that D.C. has to offer including:

  • Connections with experts in your field and network with D.C.-area colleagues
  • Experience in an urban environment while working for W&M—the best of both worlds!
  • Ability to teach courses in your department while you are in D.C.!
  • Life in the heart of downtown D.C., walking distance from the W&M Washington Center!
  • Meetings with local alumni and development of fundraising opportunities for your department

As a Study in D.C. faculty member, professors will earn $3,000 per academic credit taught (with adjustments for under- or over-enrolled courses).

Additionally, new faculty in the D.C. Summer Session will receive a $3,000 stipend for completion of the Online Course Development Seminar.

Housing is provided for all faculty members during in the D.C. Winter Seminars, D.C. Summer Institutes two-week course, and D.C. Summer Session during in-person weeks.

Submit Your Proposal

Faculty will be selected by the Washington Center Academic Advisory Group and Washington Center team

For more information about teaching with any of these opportunities, please contact [[eebattle,Erin Battle]].