Teaching in DC

Faculty can teach in DC through any of our Study in DC academic opportunities: 

DC Semester Program

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  • Semester-long program during the spring or fall
  • Max of 20 students
  • Faculty co-teach a weekly speaker and site visit course on Friday afternoons, with each faculty member teaching 2-4 consecutive sessions as an individual module
DC Winter Seminars

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  • 10 day January experience, before spring semester 
  • Includes 3 prep class meetings on campus in fall (and one non-academic session on campus in early spring)
  • Max of 25 students per course
  • Faculty are responsible for one 3-credit course
DC Summer Institutes

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  • Faculty teach in DC for two weeks in May (students continue for 10 additional weeks in an internship)
  • Max of 20 students per course 
  • Faculty are responsible for 3 courses:
    • 1-credit spring prep class
    • 3-credit speaker series/seminar
    • 3-credit internship class, no meeting times
DC Summer Session

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  • Faculty teach five weeks of online classwork and one week of evening, in-person session during Summer Session I or II (dates may vary)
  • Max of 30 students per course
  • Faculty are responsible for one 3-credit course
  • Preference will be given to courses that fulfill the COLL 300 requirement
  • Faculty members will be required to attend University eLearning Initiatives' Online Course Development Program in the Fall semester

The W&M Washington Center is currently accepting applications for the following Study in DC Opportunities:

  • 2021 DC Winter Seminars
  • 2021 DC Summer Institutes
  • 2021 DC Summer Session (mandatory training in the Fall Semester)

To apply to teach in a Study in DC Opportunity, please complete this application (select the Faculty RFP option). Faculty will be selected by the Washington Center Academic Advisory Group and Washington Center team

For more information about teaching with any of these opportunities, please contact [[eebattle,Erin Battle]].