Gaining Course Approval

Once you have been selected to teach a semester with the DC Semester Program, it is a good idea to get started on the approval process.  Most often, your department chair will allow you to use a topics course number with variable credits for one or both of your new DC courses.

If you cannot get the courses/credits you need through existing course numbers, you will need to petition EPC to create new courses.  Visit the EPC site for more information on how to proceed and submit an online "New Course Application."

Please note: it is your responsibility to petition EPC. Program Administrators cannot do that for you.

The total credit for all three courses must total at least 12 and no more than 14.  The Program Director will work with you to ensure the necessary credits are achieved.

Proposing New Classes

We actually encourage you to create new classes that use DC's unique educational opportunities. One course should be a broad survey of the topic and the second a more focused seminar using guest speakers and/or site visits.

Student load & participation

The DC Semester Program is currently capped at 18 students.  These 18 enroll in both of your courses and the internship; they have no options.

Academic work for the internship credits

While the specifics are up to you, typically DC Semester Program professors ask students to complete a research paper, portfolio, or online journal that allows them to discuss what they learned on site.

We encourage you to speak with past professors or the Program Director to see examples and syllabi that worked especially well.