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Other Scholarship Opportunities

For Future Math and Science Teachers

In addition to the Noyce Scholars program, prospective STEM teachers can simultaneously take advantage of several other sources of financial aid.  Like Noyce, some of these come with a commitment to teach in a specific setting for one or more years.  In all cases, it is possible to fulfill these other obligations and one’s Noyce obligation at the same time.  

Virginia Teaching Scholarship Loan Program (VTSLP)

These state-funded scholarship-loans provide $3,720 of financial support per year.  For each year of assistance, the student agrees to teach for one year in Virginia in one of the following settings: (1) a high needs school with a large percentage of low-income students;OR (2) a “critical shortage discipline” such as math, science, special education, etc.; OR (3) a rural or urban region experiencing a teacher shortage, OR (4) a single school with a teacher shortage.  Qualifying schools and content areas are established annually by the Virginia Department of Education.  Apply through the W&M School of Education.  

Forgiveness of Federal Stafford and Perkins Loans

Let us help you make your student loans disappear!  By teaching in a high needs school, you will become eligible for forgiveness of your federal student loans: up to $17,500 of your Stafford loans and up to 100% of your Perkins loans for five years of service in a high needs school. For details, visit Federal Student Aid

Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics (VCTM)

Each year VCTM awards a pair of $2,000 scholarships to prospective math teachers.  Apply through the W&M School of Education.

Teach for America

Although the national Teach for America program does not provide scholarship support, it does provide a 5-week summer training institute to prepare teachers for success in high needs schools, as well as “transitional funding” to help participants relocate.  Participants are placed in an appropriate school, where they fulfill their two-year commitment.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

The W&M School of Education also offers its own scholarships and awards as well as additional information on other mathematics and science teaching scholarships and financial aid opportunities.