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Graduate Summer Internships in Public Policy

An internship during the summer between the first and second years is required and is an important element of the master's program. With assistance from program faculty and staff and the W&M Public Policy Board of Advisors, students locate internships in government agencies (at the local, state and federal levels), private consulting firms, advocacy organizations, or other organizations involved in public policy.

Consider these potential internship hosts, grouped by focus area:

Internships allow students to learn about particular policy areas, to make contacts that help in later job searches, and to try a career path on for size. Many internships are paid, and some pay quite well. Others, often at nonprofits, are low paying or even unpaid. The Program has a pool of funds available to supplement stipends for those students earning below a certain level for their internship. Our target subsidy can be approximated by using the following calculator. While the Program makes every effort to honor the estimated payment and historically always has done so, actual subsidies are contingent upon the number of students requesting them and the availability of funds.