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The wide range of courses offered by our department reflects the diversity of our discipline. Non-majors are welcome in many of our classes, but keep in mind that most upper level courses have prerequisites. Here's a guide to help you decide which courses may be best for you:

  • PSYC 100-302 are core courses. Psychology majors are required to take them, and they are the prerequisites for upper-level courses.
  • PSYC 305-318 are lecture courses for both majors and non-majors. For non-majors, we also provide a list that specifies courses of interest to other disciplines.
  • PSYC 350-395 are lecture courses intended primarily for majors. Non-majors interested in the subject matter may enroll if they've satisfied the prerequisites.
  • PSYC 401-409 are practica courses, in which students gain practical experience. They are intended primarily for majors, although non-majors with appropriate qualifications may enroll.
  • PSYC 410-422 are seminar-sized laboratory courses intended primarily for majors. Each of these courses provides students with advanced training in the methods of a specific sub-discipline.
  • PSYC 440-469 are seminar courses. Audiences for these courses will vary from course to course. Contact individual instructors for details.
  • PSYC 470-490 are topics courses. The content of these courses will vary.

All the courses we offer are listed in the Undergraduate Catalog. Consult the Dynamic Schedule or the Open Course List to find out which courses will be offered as well as which topics will be explored in upcoming semesters.

If you wish to take a graduate level course as an undergraduate, you must get approval to enroll [pdf].