Financial Matters

Tuition & Fees

Exact costs will vary based on your status and course of study. View a detailed (per semester) tuition and fees breakdown.

Financial Support

When the committee for an A&S graduate program recommends admission of a student, it also recommends the level (if any) and kind of financial support offered to the admitted student. Grants are also available to support graduate student research and attendance at professional conferences. During the academic year, the A&S newsletter Did You Know That offers a current compilation of funding available.

In-State Status

To claim in-state status for tuition purposes, students should apply for In-State tuition when submitting their admissions application. This information is submitted in the Residency portion of the application.  Otherwise, you may complete the Application to Determine Physical Residency and In-State Tuition Eligibility and mail to the University Registrar.

G.I. Bill®

As is the case with all federal programs, the Financial Aid Office follows guidelines from the federal government to assist you in obtaining your benefits. The Office of the University Registrar provides resources that you can consult for information and updates as they become available. These offices are your best sources of information for these benefits.