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Students who wish to join a laboratory as a volunteer or for credit should contact NSCI faculty well in advance of the semester in which they would like to start.  If taken for credit, students should arrange to enroll in the faculty mentor's section of NSCI 400 Research in Neuroscience.  Enrollment occurs during Registration or during Add/Drop at the beginning of the semester.  NSCI 400 Research in Neuroscience may be taken for 1, 2, or 3 credits in a single semester or over multiple semesters, and may be taken in one or more labs.  Completing a total of 3 credits of NSCI 400 may count toward one Group C elective for the major, but any additional credits of NSCI 400 do not count toward the major. 

COLL 400, NSCI 400 and NSCI 490. 
COLL 400 is a liberal arts requirement typically taken in one's 4th year.  All undergraduates, regardless of major, must take a COLL 400 course.  NSCI 400 Research in Neuroscience allows Neuroscience majors to earn 1, 2, or 3 credits while conducting research with a faculty mentor.  NSCI 490 Capstone Experience in Neuroscience is a 0-credit course which can be "added on" to 3 credits of NSCI 400 when an original research project is synthesized into a research paper.  NSCI 490 satisfies the COLL 400 requirement when taken in conjunction with or subsequent to 3 credits of NSCI 400 with the same mentor. Credits may be distributed over more than one semester.  Instructor permission is required for NSCI 490 enrollment and accumulation of 3 credits in NSCI 400 does not guarantee enrollment to NSCI 490 or fulfillment of COLL 400.  Further details on fulfilling the COLL 400 requirement by combining 3 credits of NSCI 400 Research with NSCI 490 Capstone are available from NSCI faculty.

Undergraduate students who wish to conduct research should consult two web pages on our site: Meetings and Undergraduate Research Journals and Research Funding and Awards.  

In addition to research opportunities in their laboratories, our faculty sponsor an afternoon Neuroscience symposium once a year.  These symposia feature student presentations and a keynote address from a noted scholar. For articles about past symposia, please visit our listing of News stories.