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Teaching Opportunities in Hispanic Studies

Teaching Assistants

Every spring semester the Hispanic Studies section announces an information session to recruit teaching assistants (TAs) for the following fall semester; the initial training and selection of four or five TAs takes place on the Monday prior to the end of classes in the spring. In the fall TAs enroll in a one-credit course, MDLL 412 or HISP 412. TAs normally do not receive pay, but rather academic credit for their intellectual labor (readings, discussion & planning with faculty, delivery of lessons). Students enrolled in HISP 103 and HISP 203 meet with a faculty member four days per week and with a TA one day per week. (HISP 101, 102, 201 and 202 are offered only in summer sessions and no TA positions are available).

Licensure to Teach in Public Schools

To become a licensed teacher of Spanish in Virginia grades (6-12), a student must complete a major in Hispanic Studies, gain admission to the W&M School of Education, and then complete 30 academic credits in Education. Students interested in a career in teaching may contact the Office of Academic Programs in the School of Education (on Monticello Ave.) as freshmen or sophomores, but typically begin the three-semester sequence of education courses as juniors. There is also an alternative 5-year undergraduate program, as well as a 5th Year BA to MA program. Hispanic Studies majors who plan to study abroad during their junior year need to plan the appropriate sequence of courses in careful consultation with advisors in the School of Education and in Hispanic Studies.

Please follow the following links for Information about Virginia and federal forgiveable loans for prospective teachers and the William & Mary dual certification program in TESOL.