Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP)

 SMP is a volunteer officer training program designed to increase the number of ROTC officers available for Reserve Forces Duty or State National Guard. It allows simultaneous enrollment and participation in the ROTC Advanced Course (Military Science III and IV) or MS II level of military instruction and enlistment in the Reserve Components (RC). It provides the future officer with leadership and Reserve Component unit experience.

By definition, the SMP Cadet is a Reserve Officer Trainee assigned to a Reserve Component Troop Program Unit (TPU), while simultaneously participating as a contracted Cadet in ROTC at a university or college.  Should the Reserve or National Guard Soldiers' unit deploy, and the Soldier is contracted into the SMP ROTC program, the Soldier will not be required to deploy. The Cadet can decide to enter either Active Duty or Reserve/National Guard in their senior year of collegiate studies.

Benefits of the Simultaneous Membership Program include:

  • 100% coverage of tuition and fees

  • A cash bonus depending on MOS (Up to $20K)

  • Monthly stipend of $300 for first year students, $350 for second year students, $450 for third year students, and $500 for fourth year students

  • Drill pay at E-5 Pay Grade

  • G.I. Bill® benefits for those who qualify

Those interested in the SMP Program may also be interested in the Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD) option, which guarantees service in the Army Reserve Component or Army National Guard upon commissioning.