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Undergraduate Research

All history majors gain experience in using tools for historical research through the Capstone Seminars (HIST490C/491C). In these intensive colloquia, students produce a substantial paper and grapple with evidentiary and historiographical issues at a sophisticated level. These courses are excellent preparation for writing a senior honors thesis, and majors are urged to consider taking one in their junior year.

All students taking a history course may take advantage of the History Writing Resource Center. Consultants work with history students at all levels, from those new to writing about history to advanced students working on their honors thesis.

Advanced students may pursue independent research through either Independent Study, a one-semester tutorial where history majors study a specific problem or topic; or through an Honors Project, a year-long investigation into a topic resulting in a thesis. There is limited funding available to students conducting historical research.

The James Blair Historical Review is an undergraduate journal dedicated to the publication of student research. Undergraduates serve as its editors, peer reviewers, and authors.

There are a number of internship opportunities available in the Williamsburg area. Consult the Office of Career Services for current information.

It is very rare for history professors to need research assistants. Nonetheless, if you are interested in working for certain faculty members, ask them if such opportunities exist.

There are a limited number of jobs for undergraduates in the main office: most range from 6-8 hours per week and last for the academic year; all pay minimum wage. For more information, contact the administrative staff.