W&M Econ Club

The Economics Club is a student run organization that is open to all students interested in the economy.  Rui Pereira is the faculty advisor, and we gather to discuss current events in economics and host economics related events. A typical meeting consists of discussion of one or two important economics issues.

The Economics Club places a high priority on connecting students with research and job opportunities. The monthly newsletter includes information on internships and jobs. Once a month a faculty member gives a research presentation to the club members. These presentations provide students with the chance to hear about the state of current research in economics, meet professors, and inquire about research opportunities. Every year the club sponsors an alumni panel, connecting students to alumni and providing a sample of the diverse careers that economics majors can undertake. It includes both a Q&A and a networking session so that students have the opportunity to ask questions and get to know alumni.

Spring 2018 Schedule of Events

February 2     Brown Bag Lunch, 12-1PM, Tyler Hall 131
                         Fred Wood '85 Sr. VP of Financial Management, Dominion Generation

February 9     Internship and Research Opportunities Panel, 12-2PM, McGlothlin Street Hall 20

March 23        Brown Bag Lunch, 12-1PM, Tyler Hall 131
                         Matt Klepacz, Assistant Professor of Macroeconomics

April 2            Brown Bag Lunch, 2-3PM, Tyler 322
                        Gray Newman '80, Managing Director and Chief Latin America
                        Economist at Morgan Stanley for 14 years (retired)

April 13          Brown Bag Lunch, 1:00-2:00PM, Blow Hall 333
                         Sean Savage '98, Analyst, Federal Reserve of Governors,
                         Monetary Affairs Department

Economics Club Newsletter January 2018

Economics Club Newsletter March 2018


Fall 2017

October 20           Alumni Panel/Homecoming Weekend
October 27           Graduate School Information Panel
November 17       Brown Bag Lunch with Professor Jennifer Mellor


Economics Club Newsletter, September 2017

Economics Club Newsletter, October 2017