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Alumni Updates

Below are archived updates for alumni graduating in the 1990s. Visit the Recent Alumni Updates page for current news.

Rebecca E. Asta Lee '98 has a position at PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP, in Washington, D.C. (3/09)

Brain Banton '97  is a Consulting Manager, CDIA+, with EMC Captiva Software in Midlothian, Virginia. (3/09)

R. David Barnes II '92 is a partner with KPMG, LLP, in Hartford, Connecticut. (3/09)

Jonathan J. Biedron '90 has a family law office in Germantown, Maryland.(3/09)

Kirk Blomstrom '91 is in San Diego, California, with Lotsa Pasta, "The Hottest Pasta at the Beach!"(3/09)

Christopher R. Clements '97 holds the rank of Major, U.S. Army, and is an Appellate Attorney with the U.S. Army Legal Services Agency in Arlington, Virginia. (3/09)

Peter M. Corrigan '98 is in Casualty Programs and Facultative with XL Reinsurance America Inc. in Rocky River, Ohio. (3/09)

Jimmy Davis '99 is developing beachfront residential property  in Hawaii. (3/09)

Christina (Mathes) DeMatteo '95 an Attorney at Hangley Aronchick Segal & Pudlin in  Norristown, PA (near Philadelphia) practicing family law. 

Tim Doyle '90 is Vice President at Conference of State Bank Supervisors Inc. in Washington, D.C.  (3/09)

Andy Dyer '91 is Vice President with Menlo Worldwide Government Services LLC in Aurora, Illinois. (3/09)

Timothy Engel '99 is an Officer with the Community Resource/SWAT division of the Burleson, Texas, Police Department. (3/09)

Patricia Eyenga '96 is currently a Database Administrator with Arbinet, a small company in Virginia which provides a platform for telecommunications and IP service providers to increase operational  efficiency and to accelerate business growth. (3/09)

Jenifer Feaster '96 is a Senior Consultant with Gartner in New York City. (3/09)

Kevin Foster '91 is currently on leave from a faculty position at UT Austin to serve as an Executive Branch Policy Fellow assigned to the NSF. (3/09)

Craig J. Franco '94 is an Attorney at Law with Odin, Feldman & Pittleman PC in Fairfax, Virginia. (3/09)

Michael Graves '91 is an Attorney at Law with McCormick, Barstow, Sheppard, Wayte & Carruth LLP in Las Vegas, Nevada. (3/09)

Jeremy P. Greiner '91 is Tournament Director for the PGA, Middle Atlantic Section, in Stafford, Virginia. (3/09)

Jeffrey Grynaviski '97 is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science, University of Chicago. (3/09)

Matthew M. Guiney '98 is with Wolf, Haldenstein, Adler, Freeman & Herz LLP, in New York City. (3/09)

Stephen Haff '91 is an Operations Research Systems Analyst for The US Army Apache Attack Helicopter Program Office located  near Huntsville, AL. 

Steven R. Harwitz '91 is Lead Financial Analyst, Credit and Capital Resources, with Tucson Electric Power in Tucson, Arizona. (3/09)

Beckie Holmes '92 is Director, Market Intelligence, with Cox in Phoenix, Arizona. (3/09)

Allan Hsu '99 is working with AlixPartners.(02/10)

Hilary K. Hughes '97 is an Economist, Division of Compensation, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in Philadelphia. (3/09)

Christine Iodice '97 is working as a Statistical Programmer for Exelixis, a biotech company, in San Francisco and would like to thank Professor Moody for introducing her to SAS. (3/09)

Rob Jammes '90 is Director, Professional Services, at MicroStrategy in Seattle, Washington. (3/09)

Nikos Jiannas '92 is Branch Manager for Stihl in Shelton, Connecticut. (3/09)

Christer A. Johnson '92 is a Partner and Service Area Leader for IBM Global Business Services, IBM, in Fairfax, Virginia. (3/09)

Madge F. Koch '98 is Senior Manager, Project Resource Team, with OPEN from American Express in New York City. (3/09)

Matthew J. Korn '97 is an Analyst, Equity Research, with Barclays Capital in New York City. (6/09)

Jennifer S. Leete '90 is Branch Chief, Division of Enforcement, with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington, D.C. (3/09)

James H. Lee '91 is with Lau Associaties LLC in Wilmington, Delaware. (3/09)

Chi J. Leng '92 is Managing Economist with Nathan Associates, Inc., in Arlington, Virginia. (6/09)

Rebecca M. Loose '98 is Associate Director, SLATE Initiative, at the Harvard Kennedy School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. (3/09)

Jenny Marone '98  is a Project Manager with Clinton Housing Development Company in New York City. (3/09)

Peter Marousek '97  is a Principal with SAC Capital Advisor, L.P., in Stamford, Connecticut. (3/09)

Anisha Mason '91 is a Partner with Project Solutions Group, Inc., in San Francisco, California. (3/09)

Michael Mavretic '95 is Associate Director, Development and Acquisitions, for the National Geographic Channel in Washington, D.C. (3/09)

Katherine Meighan '92 is Principal Counsel, Southern Europe and Central Asia, with International Finance Corporation in Istanbul, Turkey. (7/09)

David P. Miller, Jr. '92 is an Associate Professor, General Internal Medicine and Director, Primary Care Residency, at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, N.C. (6/09)

Brandon S. Okes '98 is an Attorney at Law with General Counsel, P.C., in McLean, Virginia. (3/09)

Rosemary Peterson Linden '99 is Director, Financial Planning & Analysis, with Audatex in San Diego, California.(7/09)

Matt Porembski '98 is a Senior Manager at FI Consulting in Arlington, Virginia. (3/09)

Chad Russell '92 earned an MBA from Johns Hopkins University and is currently a Senior Consultant in the Northern Virginia/Greater Washington office of the regional CPA and consulting firm Cherry, Bekaert & Holland, LLP. (3/09)

Jason C. Schemmel '97 is an Examiner with the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, in Virginia. (3/09)

Ari K. Singh '95 is an Analyst, Equity Research, with Neuberger Berman, LLC, in New York City. (3/09)

Sita Nataraj Slavov '97 has moved to the DC area permanently and is now working as a Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. (9/12)

Robert D. Stuart '98 is a Captain in the U.S. Air Force with AFLOA/Area Defense Counsel in Spangdahlem, Germany. (3/09)

Brian Sykora '97 is with Lineage Capital, LLC, in Boston, Massachusetts.(6/09)

Erin Fries Taylor '93 is Associate Director of Research at Mathematica Policy Research, Inc., in Washington, D.C. (3/09)

Darren S. Tucker '95 is currently an Attorney Advisor to Commissioner J. Thomas Rosch at the Federal Trade Commission and was recently named Editorial Chair of the Antitrust Source, a peer-review antitrust law journal. (3/09)

Rodney J. Turner '99 is Assistant Vice President, Regional Security Administrator, with Branch Banking & Trust Co. (BB&T) in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. (3/09)

Elaine Turville '96 is currently working for Accenture in Reston, VA. (2/10)

Catherine Tyler Mooney '99 is currently an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Oklahoma.

Jenny Walsh '90 is Director, Web and Administrative Systems, at the University of Portland, Oregon. (3/09)

Eric C. Weber '92 is Managing Director & COO of Freeman &  Co. LLC in New York City. (3/09)

Kimberly Dietrich Westrich '91 is Research Director, Health Services Research, with the National Pharmaceutical Council in Reston, Virginia. (3/09)

Jason D. Wheelock '96 is a Defense Program Analyst with the Congressional Budget Office in Washington, D.C. (6/09)

Steven P. Wilson '97 is an Attorney at Law with Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP in Dallas, Texas. (3/09)

Alex Zarechnak '93 is an Emerging Markets Analyst with Capital International Research, Inc., in New York City. (3/09)